Simplicity Single-Stage Snow Blowers With SnowShredder™ Auger

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A premium snowblower in a compact package. The SnowShredder™ serrated auger has fourteen individual serrated surfaces providing advanced ice chopping and snow clearing power. The self-propelled auger drive system clears down to the pavement with little operator effort. It''s the best of both worlds...dual-stage power, single-stage handling.
SnowShredder™ Serrated Auger
14-high performance serrated surfaces chop and grind down compacted snow and ice chunks, allowing you to do more in less time.
Electric Chute Control
Electric push button chute rotation control allows you to throw snow where you want it without taking your hands off the handlebar. (1222EE)
Our Most Powerful Single-Stage
Powered by the largest single-stage snowblower engine in its class, the1222EE provides more power than ever before to get through large snow drifts.
On-the-Go Chute Adjustment
On-the-go handle mounted chute control knob allows quick direction adjustments. The large deflector handle lets you easily change the height and the distance snow is thrown. (922EXD)