Sno-Way 6 & 9 Cu. Ft. Receiver Spreaders Series

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When you require more salt spreading capacity for larger driveways, access roads or parking lots, look for Sno-Way 6 and 9 - Cu. Ft. Receiver Spreaders to deliver. These high-capacity receiver-mount tailgate salt spreaders provide durability and spreading precision that are second to none.


The Sno-Way 6 and its big brother Sno-Way 9 – share the same solid features you expect in a Sno-Way spreader: Poly hopper construction, powder-coated steel frame, tapered Class III hitch, form-fitting poly lid, 12V electric motor and a simple belt drive. However, it’s the value added features that make these tailgate salt spreaders worth every penny.



  1. Enclosed Belt Reduction Drive Under Cover
  2. Form Fitting Poly Hopper Lid With Retainer Strap
  3. Stainless Steel Hardware
  4. Exclusive Chunk Buster™ Salt Breakup System
  5. Fully Adjustable Directional Flow Control Paddles
  6. High Grade Polyethelene 12" Diameter Spinner
  7. Impact Resistant Nylon Rollers
  8. Self-Standing Steel Frame
  9. Tapered Receiver Hitch (Class III)
  10. Military Grade Primer & Powder-Coat Paint Finish
  11. UV Resistant Poly Hopper
  12. High Exterior Mounted Electric Motor
  13. Retainer Strap