Sno-Way 4 Cu. Ft. Receiver Spreader

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Ideal for treating sidewalks, driveways and small parking lots, the Sno-Way 4 - Cu. Ft. Receiver Spreader is the smart solution for small to midsize deicing applications.

 The Sno-Way 4 tailgate salt spreader delivers an all-new performance level to tailgate salt spreading. No other spreader in its class can match the simplicity of its design, ease of use or rugged construction. At an empty weight of just 95 pounds, the Sno-Way 4 is perfect for single operator handling. The integrated wheels and tapered Class III hitch make attaching the spreader a snap.



  1. Fully Enclosed Belt Reduction Drive
  2. Adjustable/Lockable Flow Control Paddle
  3. Impact Resistant Nylon Roller Wheels
  4. Sealed Electric Motor
  5. Polyethylene Hopper Construction
  6. E-Coat Primer and Powder Coat Paint Finish
  7. Tapered Receiver Hitch (Class III)
  8. Vinyl Safety Labels
  9. Built-In Handles
  10. High Grade Polyethelene 6" Diameter Spinner
  11. External Stainless Steel Hardware
  12. Dual Flip-Up Hopper Lids
  13. UV Resistant Dual Wall Hopper